F1 2016: Fabulous Formula One and only game

Furiously fast, slipping back wheels, extremely high
speeds, glorious teams, single seat open racer, world champions, and gut
wrenching battles just a couple of words to describe the most glorious
motorsport in the world, the world of Formula 1.
Codemaster launched the much anticipated F1 2016: The
Game, most F1 fans have been waiting for a flawless F1 simulator game and this
is the year our prayers are answered. The last F1 game that was enjoyable to
its core was the F1 2010 because it gave us the full driver experience.
But then the future games decreased in driver input, and
the whole experience was less rewarding.
But with F1 2016 you get everything you ever wanted, the
whole driver experience.
Now with the new game Codemaster’s have provided there
players with reward system, which is good. Start with a backmarker team and
putting in time in all the practise sessions will help you improve and make
your team more competitive but perform poorly or skip the practise and other
teams will start leaving you behind. There are three programmes to run (track
acclimatisation, tyre preservation tests, and qualifying trim runs), and though
you don’t have to run them all (they do get a little samey) it’s definitely
worthwhile checking them out as often as you can manage. The tyre conservation
assessments were particularly good at giving me a real-time glimpse at just how
harsh my racing style is on my rubber, although I did grow a little weary of
completing one before every GP.

Lap, Manual Starts and Pit entry
The new formation lap is an addition we didn’t even know
we wanted until Codemasters gave it to us, and we love it. Weaving about,
warming up the tyres and brakes for the race; it’s fantastic and adds
considerably to the race-day atmosphere. It’s a rare moment of non-competitive
calm in a genre where that isn’t a common occurrence, and it’s an especially
terrific contrast to the ferocity on the grid when the lights go out.

Formation Lap

Manual starts and manual braking for pit lane are other
ways for inclined players to shoulder more on-track responsibility. The
bustling hospitality areas, the setting for the off-track side of F1 2016’s
career mode, are scattered with recognizable faces from the world of real-life
Formula 1.

The new game is really good at providing feedback,
driving an F1 car does not feel fake, I was constantly able to feel when I was
hard on the tyre when I was driving in the bad lane, and when the tyres were
It’s the best game till date in terms of feedback and the
way the car feels on the game.

The game does not have any big drawbacks and absolutely
none that would not want you to buy this game. But every game has its flaws so
does this.
The multiplayer
has its flaws; races become laggy, people jump start the race a lot and
sometimes get away without a penalty which becomes annoying for others racing
by the law.
The celebration model is left unchanged from the last F1
game, F1 2015 and the same celebration every get annoying real fast.

Radio is way better now, we are provided with a big list of
commands/ questions we are able to ask our race engineer, “Jeff”. You can also
tell him to shut up and let you push in the race.

Sebastian Vettel

Hell, if you can spare a glance to the side as you blast
down each of the main straights you’ll even spot pit boards being dangled over
the pit wall and hoisted back as the drivers zip past. On its own that’s simply
a small visual flourish many people may not even notice, but when you do it’s
evidence that no detail was too trivial. F1 2016, then, feels like a proper F1
game for proper F1 fans, created by the most dedicated F1 die-hards Codemasters
could master.
You can sign up with any team in the championship from day
one, meaning, jumping straight into a competitive car and grab podiums and
those who want to start on the bottom rung slogging it out amongst the
cellar-dwellers. The standard suite of driving aids and race settings is again
on hand to assist racers of all skill levels, and F1 2016 is nothing if not
malleable. Codemasters have added an even harder difficulty for veterans of the
game making AI even more competitive.

Strategy starts to play a big part in the outcome of your
race as there are so many different split strategies.
It’s undisputedly the best F1 game till date, and
Codemasters have come a long way, the game is absolutely brilliant and deep and
nuanced, stuffed with fan service, and as demanding as you’d like it to be,
this is worthy fare for the motorsport obsessed while remaining accessible for
the merely curious, and absolutely worth the upgrade from previous years. If F1
2016 and last year’s Dirt Rally are indicative of the level of quality we’re
going to get from Codemasters going forward I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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2 Responses

  1. Ben says:

    This game is absolutely brilliant none of that NFS bullshit. Love this game.

  2. Matt says:

    I started with manor and I am going to win championship with it. Backmarker challenge!!!

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