Everything that lauched at the Google’s massive hardware event

Google held a massive hardware launch event on 4th October where it launched its newest hardware like Daydream VR, Google WiFi, Chromecast Ultra, Google Home and Google’s highly anticipated Pixel smart phones.

The Google Family
The Main attraction of the event was not all that high end hardware by Google but its artificial intelligence research division. Google’s Ceo Sundar Pichai made it clear that Google’s future rests in  AI enabled software: a true personal assistant that remembers all your information, advanced options for handling images, and useful connections between smart devices.

Most of this is achieved through Google’s newest crown jewel; The Google Assistant. The assistant lives on any device you use to access Google, and can manage shopping lists, lock combinations, internet-of-things devices, Chromecast, music, and pretty much anything you would look for with the help of Google. Google is also launching tools so developers will be able to integrate Google Assistant into their own devices, starting this December.

It’s easy to think of Google’s broader AI efforts as a set of tools used by every product in Google’s lineup. It powers the speech recognition and generation of responses on both Google’s Assistant and the Home. It helps the camera pick the best image in a burst, and recognize faces to make collages of friends and family. If you want the gritty details of how it all works, Google has been talking most of the core research, like translation and image recognition, in the past few weeks.
“Our goal is to build a personal Google for each and every user,” Pichai said. 

Daydream View VR

Google’s Daydream View VR headset does the same job as the Samsung Gear VR or even Google’s own Cardoard headset. However google stated this headset has a design advantage over the competitors products. Being 30% lighter and with a comfortable fitting over the eye glasses, the Daydream View VR headset is far more superior than anything available in the market. Clay Bavor, who leads the company’s virtual reality team, says his group worked with clothes designers to create something “soft” and “comfortable” and “breathable.”
The new Daydream View VR Headset

Inexpensive: The headsets are priced at $79, about $20 less than the Samsung Gear VR and hundreds of dollars less than the more advanced VR headsets like Facebook’s Oculus Rift

Hand-controlled: The device comes with a small controller which doubles up as objects in VR. For instance, Google has teamed up with Warner Bros for an exclusive “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” experience in which you’re a wizard and “the controller turns into a wand to levitate objects and cast spells,” said Adrienne McCallister, who leads VR partnerships for Daydream.

The headset has a small compartment to store the controller to decrease the chances of losing it.

Colors:  The slate colored headset will be released in November with the official launching of the headset. The snow and crimson colors will be available at a later date.

Snow, Slate and Crimson Daydream VR Headset
All though the future of VR is still uncertain, these VR headsets will give a good competition to the competitors.

Google Wifi

Remember those ugly  looking WiFi routers spoiling the aesthetics of your house just to provide you a good internet connectivity? Well that is all past now. With the Google WiFi, Google is offering expandable WiFi system which can be configured to provide internet connectivity to your home with a good aesthetic sense. These modular devices come equipped with a feature called network assist which twill automatically manages your routers to provide a good network connectivity in your entire home. They come connected with a app which can be used to control con or hut them down completely. They are tailored to withstand vigorous gaming, video chatting and more at once.
The Google WiFi
These devices however aren’t cheap and cost $129 for one and $299 for a pack of 3. These devices look fabulous we have to say.

Chromecast Ultra

The company said it had sold more than 30 Million of their chromecast devices and today it bought a major update to it; The chromecast ultra adds 4K support with DolbyVision and HDR and is 1.8 times faster than its predecesor. The device comes equipped with a ethernet port for reliable streaming. The device will launch in november with a price tag of $69, almost double the current model. 
The Chromecast Ultra

The Google chromecast had captured 35% of the TV streaming market with its previous models. The 4K support and the ethernet port will help them dominate this market.

Google Home

“Okay Google”, The same phrase you used to activate Google’s voice assistant on android for so many years is the phrase what will be used to activate Google home.

Answers to unknown questions: If you don’t know the questions Google home can still help you with what you are looking for. If you say “that shakira song from Zootopia”(the example onstage) Home will help you find what are you looking for. You can ask random questions from Google Home and it will tell you what it finds. Unlike Alexa, it an help you find directions, locate nearby store, give traffic updates and even send the directions to your phone.

Control your Home: If you own any of the smart devices manufactured by Samsung, Philips or Nest, you can control them by just talking to them.
Controlling TV and music: It can be used to stream from chromecast, with netfilx integration on the way, can be used to play movies or stream photos from the Google photos. Multiple Home devices can also be connected together to play loud music if you find that feasible.
Colors: Unlike the Amazon Echo, Home comes in variety of colors and materials to compliment the aesthetics of your house.
The Google Home
The Google Home is already available via Google’s online store and other major retailers worldwide for a price of $129.

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