Steps by various Tech companies, beginning to a better future (Earth Day Special)

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on April 22. The idea of having a day dedicated to Earth was first proposed in 1969 by peace activist John McConell in UNESCO. However, April 22nd was declared as Earth Day by the United States Senator Gaylord Nelson. Today, more than 193 countries are part of the Earth Day network and constantly work for the betterment of Earth and its climate.

Earth Day

Many rallies, campaigns and activities occur all around the world for the awareness of people regarding environmental issues. Climate change, global warming, increase in garbage dumping, oil spills- an ending number of issues burden our Earth.


With such a growing importance to bring back Earth to its glory and help in the progressive and environmentally beneficial growth of Earth, many companies have brought out innovative concepts. Companies these days are gradually leaning towards eco-friendly products. From eco-friendly packing to recyclable materials or it may be bringing about green buildings. Companies are putting their best foot forward in making Earth a better place to stay and live.


Google has decided to celebrate Earth Day a day earlier and has brought about its google doodle. An interactive story about a fox and various steps it takes to protect and save Earth.
Even Apple has posted a series of videos while working with artist James Blagden to create fun animated videos showing Apple’s innovative approach to make the company go green. Apple already has world’s largest naturally ventilated park, “The Apple Park”.

Earth day

Microsoft has partnered with Ecolab to apply cutting-edge technology to tackle the issue of water scarcity. The company are also doing their bit in agriculture and energy sector.

Earth day

Facebook has partnered with Apple and Google and is actively promoting and trying to achieve a 100% renewable energy goal. Dell is using packing material that is derived from plants and Nike has begun to manufacture its apparel using recycled polyester.


Technology is developing way faster than what Earth could handle. It is time for us to make major changes in our lifestyle. Companies big and small are working together to help control the over-usage of resources.
Today, technology and natural resources go hand in hand. The development in one should not cause a serious harm to another. When big companies take a step in improving our own surrounding by taking huge steps, let’s do our own bit by taking tiny ones !
Happy Earth Day everyone !

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