Convert DRM and Non DRM Audio Files: using DRmare DRM Audio Converter for windows

DRmare DRM audio converter

DRmare is offering tools using which you can convert/ download songs from services like Spotify, Apple music. Add songs to your personal library without any extra charge. Their tool DRM audio converter for windows, although already specified by the Title converts DRM-ed audio. But, the same software can be used to convert Non-DRM files to other audio formats as well.

Apple Music

Apple Music is a music and video streaming service developed by Apple Inc. Users select music to stream to their device on-demand, or they can listen to existing, curated playlists. The service also includes the Internet radio station Beats 1, which broadcasts live to over 100 countries 24 hours a day. The service was announced on June 8, 2015, and launched on June 30, 2015, in over 100 countries worldwide. New subscribers get a three-month free trial period before the service requires a monthly subscription.

Originally strictly a music service, Apple Music began expanding into video in 2016. Executive Jimmy Iovine has stated that the intention for the service is to become a “cultural platform”, and Apple reportedly wants the service to be a “one-stop shop for pop culture”. The company is actively investing heavily in the production and purchasing of video content, both in terms of music videos and concert footage that support music releases, as well as web series and feature films.

Apple Music Subscription plans

Apple Music costs $9.99 per month for a single user or $14.99 per month for a family subscription for up to six people (which requires iCloud Family Sharing). College students can subscribe for only $4.99 per month. The college students discount is only valid to Students in the North American Continent.

What are DRM Audio files?

Digital Rights Management or DRM is a scheme that controls access to copyrighted material using technological means. It may refer to the usage of proprietary software, hardware, or any type of content: music tracks, video files, ebooks, games, DVD movies, emails, documents, etc.

DRM is all about copyright protection. We all know that any digital content is protected by copyright laws. However, it’s very difficult to police the Web and catch law-breakers. So DRM technology focuses on making it impossible to steal content in the first place.

Apple Music and DRM protection

Apple music has DRM protection called Fair play, In Apple music’s protection you can download and listen to all the songs you want, but the songs are inoperable once the subscription expires.

Using FairPlay Streaming (FPS) technology, content providers, encoding vendors, and delivery networks can encrypt content, securely exchange keys, and protect playback on iOS, tvOS, and Safari on iOS and macOS.

How to Use DRmare DRM Audio Converter for windows?

  1. Open DRmare DRM Audio Converter on Your PC
    DRmare DRM audio converter
  2. Import DRM or Non-DRM Audio Files to DRmare Audio Converter
  3. Choose the File Format and the Location to be stored in
  4. Convert

How does DRmare convert the song?

The Audio converter uses a simple procedure while converting the songs. First, the songs are played on the Mp3 inbuilt in the software and then records the same Audio in the format which users mentioned. By this technique the software is not limited to any type of Audio format, DRM or No DRM this will work efficiently in every task.

DRmare DRM audio converter

The Free variant of the software is limited to some constraint of converting while the Premium subscription of the software gives you unlimited access of the software and We are able to convert entire playlists at one go.

DRmare DRM audio converter

The subscription price for the DRmare Audio converter

The general price of the premium subscription is at 49$ but currently, the DRmare is offering a discount on the premium subscription and it is available at 39.95$. It’s a great product if you want to get your music from Apple music to your offline device so you can listen to it anywhere and anytime.


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