Cheapest VoLTE smartphone, Jio Phone booking starts today

Reliance has long ago announced the launch of its very first own 4G VoLTE device, Jio Phone. The device is the cheapest VoLTE smartphone to be launched ever. With the device, Jio is bringing incredible data and talk time offers.

Jio Phone

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The company hopes to reach a milestone of 100 million of the Jio Phone sold by the end of 2017. Starting today the device will be available to everyone as the booking for the Jio Phone starts today, i.e August 24 at 17:30 Indian time.

Price you need to pay

As of now the customer only needs to pay the security price of INR 1500, which can be obtained back after using the device for at least 12 months and giving the device back. At the time of booking, you will be paying INR 500 and the left 1,000 INR will be taken at the time of delivery of the device.

Offers with the device

If you get the Jio Phone you get unlimited calling and data, while you just have to pay a fee of Rs. 153 monthly. You also get Jio Apps for free like the Jio TV, Jio Music, Jio Cinema and other offers too.

Where to Buy?

Reliance Jio allows you to buy the device from both Online and Offline stores. You can book the Jio Phone through the Jio website. Or, you could walk in any nearby Jio store to book your cheapest VoLTE smartphone.


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