Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is now compatible on Xbox One

Call of duty gets backwards compatibility for Xbox One

Black Ops 2

We all can collectively agree that recent Call of Duty games have been a huge leap in the backwards direction. But until we have a solid new CoD game on our hands, you can play one of the best CoD games on your XBox One. Black Ops 2 was the most requested title for Xbox One’s backwards compatibility. Community manager, Larry Hryb delivered the news on twitter.

Many games have been added to the library but Black ops 2 is surely the most wanted and hyped. The game was a long time coming and after months of speculation, Microsoft delivered on what the consumers wanted.

What this means for the end users

If you ever owned a game that has been given backwards compatibility then the game should automatically be in your game library.

But if you are one of those people who didn’t have the Xbox 360 or some of these classic games. There is still hope for people wanting to play the classic games, like Red dead redemption, Mass Effect and more.

Black Ops 2

All you need to do is head to the Xbox 360 compatibility store of the Xbox store, and download these classics.

Xbox officials have said that they would be working to bring more classic and early games of Xbox on backwards compatibility soon for Xbox One console.

Details about the Project Scorpio was also provided, which is said to be the most advanced and powerful Microsoft console ever. Developers have said that Xbox users current library will be available on Xbox One Scorpio and will run smoother and load faster.



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