Buying an apple device is now much cheaper

Apple, recently launched a new limited edition variant of its 2016 flagship. Iphone 7 (product) red version which is not much different from the actual phone except the color. The event launch also included the unveiling of the new Ipad, along with new storage options for iPhone SE.

iphone 7
New Ipad,  apple unveiled the new iPad in a 9.7-inch display. This time it seems that apple aiming to retrieve the declining sales of the iPad ever since iPad 2. The new iPad is available in 2 models, one being 32Gb and other being 128Gb, with a more comfortable price of 329$.

This iPad replaces the previous generation iPad Air 2 from the market. This iPad include a new, faster and better processor A9 processor which might be enough to run the tablet for next 5-6 years. This phone is not all plus from the company, they on the price point have made many cuts for this device.
ipad new

The new iPad’s display is a step backward from the Air 2. It’s not laminated to the glass touch surface and it lacks antireflective coating, two characteristics that were included in the Air 2 as well as the existing iPad Pro. What this means is you’ll see a small but noticeable air gap between the glass and display, something that diminishes the effect of actually touching on-screen elements.

The new IPad is even more, thicker than the previous versions of iPad (air afterward), may be the larger dimension and bit added weight may be a part of the price cut. But this all seems worth for those who have not upgraded their iPads after 2013, this will seem a major upgrade at cheap bargain.
ipad new

iPad Mini Discontinued

Apple has finally discontinued Ipad mini 1,2 and 3. Now Mini 4 is the first buy from the company. There might be sales by the re-sellers of the discontinued iPad which may be a steal deal, as the price may hit the rock bottom. A Possibility of discontinued iPad may be available by 9k-10k ( 70-80$) after this decision.


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