Is affordable Bluetooth Quality earphone at myth: Brainwavz BLU-200 Review

Brainwavz blu-200








Connectivity and Battery





  • Bass is very punchy and just right
  • Earphones are very comfortable for long usage
  • Tangle-free cable nor too big or small
  • Brilliant product for the price
  • Charging is quiet fast and battery last for good hours


  • A bit bulky in design
  • Lacks soundstaging and detail
  • Connection sometimes messes up
  • Rarely lost harmony between video and sound for 3-4 seconds
  • Silicon tips are very uncomfortable

High-quality Bluetooth earphones have been a market unconquered

Brainwavz blu-200

Sports and wired earphone absolutely don’t go hand in hand. Rather they get stuck in places you never imagined. So we look for a Bluetooth earphones. Just reading this you go, Bad quality, hassle to own and most more expensive than 10 wired earphones combined. Well, I would like to believe people at Brainwavz who were facing the same problem took matters into their own hands. Brainwavz blu-200 are wireless earphones which demolish some of the prejudice about wireless earphones. Brainwavz, are a pioneer in developing good quality earphones at an affordable price. That is what they did with BLU-200.


The product is designed for people to use every day, doing whatever you like to do. Go for a walk, Go for a Run or just listen to music during work. Earphones come in a nice small hard case, inside you get 3 sets of silicone tips, a pair of comply foam isolation tips. You also get a pair of ear hooks, to keep them in place when exercising and a USB charging cable to juice it up. The comply tips are definitely the tips to go for, the comfort is unreal and you can wear them for hours with the comply tips. The earphones are heavy because of the battery, which is directly housed inside the earphone bullet.

Earphones come with flat, tangle-free cable with the microphone and control console, which does its job to near perfection.


The earphones run on a 9.2 mm dynamic drivers with the Impedance rating of 160 Ohms. The sensitivity of the earphones is rated at 96dB with a frequency range of 20HZ-to-20kHz.  The battery on the earphones is a solid 60mAh battery which gives near about 4 hours of playback time. The earphones also have quick charging and because of a small battery gets a good amount of charge very quick. The company also claimed that these earphones can pair with two devices at the same time, but it is not that fluid on connection with 2 devices.


Brainwavz blu-200

The earphones are surprisingly very comfortable, on first look, the earphones look unnecessarily big and heavy but using them you realise the earphones are quite comfortable and can be used for long hours. We wore the earphones casually and during some long walks. The earphones didn’t slip out of fall off while running or were uncomfortable, which was a surprise looking at unusually large housing.


We tested the earphones on an Android, a Blackberry, an Apple and a windows laptop. We tested the earphones with different kind of music genres. The Brainwavz BLU-200, have the right amount of Bass to satisfy you and do justice to the song. There is noticeable Bass and high treble which sometimes overpowers other sounds. Soundstaging or sound imaging lacks a bit. Rock enthusiasts will sure love them because of so much emphasis on Bass but people who are more into classic and instrumental songs will be a bit bothered about detailing. The Noice-cancelling of the earphones is also very good, Comply foam tips sure help a bit to achieve that.

Battery life

Battery life is a solid four hours when connected and used at all times. The earphones take around two hours to charge back up from 0 to 100%. You can sadly not see the amount of battery remaining in the earphones and will only come to know of the low battery when shouted in the ear. There is also an ever-present LED which does nothing but comes on when the device is on power or charging and start flashing when you connect to a device.


Brainwavz surely has a winner on their hands here. BLU-200 offer great quality and good value for its buck. BLU-200 offers great Bass and provide good highs, but lacks to provide with top-notch sound staging and detail. Earphone are comfortable to wear for long hours but that does not take away the fact that they are a bit bulky. Sometimes the earphones have some issue with the connection and sometimes lags behind the video for a second or two. But for a price tag of Rs.3,499, these earphones do a job very well and are decent earphones which we definitely suggest.

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