Blackberry will launch its networked crisis communication platform in India.

blackberry emergency services coming to India

Blackberry last year announced that they would be shutting down the hardware business and will solely focus on software services. Being a leader in mobile and enterprise security services, the company was looking to expand their horizons. The company was working on secure networked crisis communication platform, which has been a success around the globe. But now the company have decided to open the shop in India. A number of natural disasters in the coastal areas which made the city’s connection fail. Blackberry began discussions and is expected to launch the project in a month or so.
However, the company will fully give commercial contract around the second half of 2017. Adrian Szwarcburg, director-APAC/Africa sales at AtHoc, believes there is huge potential for their service in India and it could contribute to 15-20 percent of its revenue here over a period of time. “Starting from a pilot, the contract value could be in tens of thousands of dollars per year. So far, Indian customers that we are meeting are companies with large employee base across multiple locations. You need crisis management plan in such cases. A lot of companies have actually started creating functions for these. It is no more an additional job for IT, IT security or HR. There are specialized people to do this job,” added Szwarcburg.
Many MNC’s in India are eventually getting on board with the idea of crisis communication to imply them in the companies if or when required.
AtHoc has come up with a lot of services to the market and provide you with a multi –  channel communication system allowing users to send warning messages, automated phone call, emails, and even voicemails.



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