Blackberry says no to discontinuing BB 10 devices

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19 Responses

  1. sukhad says:

    Blackberry should be following Android now BB OS era is pretty much done and dusted they won't survive if they don't completely change their focus to Android.

  2. Shiv says:

    Absolutely true blackberry are working like they don't want to survive in the market.

  3. lalit says:

    BlackBerry is renowned around the world for providing their enterprise level security on smartphones. We all know that android is the least secure device in the world.
    If they give up BB os then BlackBerry will be just another OEM win the market.
    Long live BB 10.

  4. Ashish Samantha says:

    Absolutely true. But its the developers to blame. No support of BB 10 os. How will they survive like that?

  5. lalit says:

    Well i agree with you ashish but what can we do?
    Some people like sukhad are just dumb and are blindly following android?
    Hey Mr. Sukhad do you even know why android is so popular these days?

  6. sukhad says:

    M8, blackberry is not even leaders in security market we have phones like The black phone which is way more secure than blackberry at this present moment, and lack of updates and support by the company is in no way helping their cause.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It's not about how is BB10 OS it's about how the company is supporting it, and Android are way better in supporting with the OS.

  8. sukhad says:

    Absolutely true, blackberry needs to get back to the phones we loved and higher their level.

  9. lalit says:

    Well blackphone is a untraceable phone. BlackBerry are traceable. We don't need phone to be used by criminals. We need a phone to be used by business professionals. Keep their data secure and able to trace the device if needed. And as we know by the companies latest statement. They will be releasing updates for BB 10. Its due to people like you who move with the masses of cheap android device users and think android is great. Its the most unsecured os on this planet.

  10. Ashish Samantha says:

    Well lalit i would like to correct you a little here. Its not their fault entirely. Even the developers are not developing apps for the blackberry. Thats the main cause of its fall. Developers like Facebook and Whatsapp also are dropping their support for BlackBerry. They are to blame.

  11. lalit says:

    Btw i just remembered Blackphone runs on silent os based on Android. Unsecured!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Lack of developer apps!!
    Thats why is am saying the way the os is supported is way more important.
    Blackebrry is not able to support BB 10 os while google provides excellent support for android.
    Thats why android is so popular these days.

  13. lalit says:

    I am personally a BlackBerry user and never had a problem for apps. Yes the ablility to run android apps in OS 10 helps here and there. But yeah in general no issue. There are no games and stuff. But my use of a smartphone is limited to texting, Whatsapp, calls, emails and other stuff. FOr which BlackBerry is the best with Blackberry hub and stuff. Its really amazing and way more secure than android.

  14. sukhad says:

    But if you need to update your BlackBerry you just aren't able to do it directly on the phone you need to do it manually on the PC. This is a big -ve for me and for the end user.

  15. lalit says:

    You can perform a OTA. Get your facts correct. The issue is just you need 2.5 times the size of the update to start the OTA. Which if not available is your fault. And being able to update it over pc as well as phone is a blessing. Does "your" android has this? And as they control the software development as well as own the hardware the compatibility of the updates with various devices is just amazing. Like Apple. No fragmentation like "your" android.

  16. Anonymous says:

    But the BB World is so small, all users have to rely on Android apps being compatible on the BlackBerry, which is quite annoying for fucks sakes.

  17. lalit says:

    That the problem. The developers aren't making apps for the BlackBerry. Thats the only reason why BB 10 is running into ground. But look on the bright side. You can run BB apps as well as android apps. Can android run apps of other platform? And as a BlackBerry user myself my 90% of the work is achieved via apps from BlackBerry world so it not that bad. They also include amazon appstore to help you download apks. Look at the benefits. The upsides are more than the downsides.

  18. sukhad says:

    But can we all agree on the fact that the BlackBerry we once loved is gone, sadly.

  19. lalit says:

    Yeah due to people like you -_-

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