Bharat BillPay simplifying Bill payment ecosystem for India

Bharat BillPay

BBPS is payments ecosystem powered by NPCI

Bharat Bill Payment System is a Reserve Bank of India conceptualized ecosystem, driven by the NPCI. It is the one-stop destination for utility bill payments. You get the facility to do bill payment via digital channels like Net Banking, Website, App and via Physical channels like Agent, Bank-Branches etc.

Bharat BillPay Ecosystem

It is a one-stop bill payment ecosystem which has multiple channels and not just one. Which means you can pay not just through online portals but also through offline channels. That means BHARAT BILLPAY gives the consumer the absolute freedom of choice for payment. That means you can pay your bills at one destination via your own preferred channel like Net banking, UPI, payment Apps or physical channels like Kirana Shop or Bank branches. BHARAT BILLPAY can be easily accessed through a given option in Banking and wallet Apps online.

How to use Bharat BillPay

Bharat BillPay

Firstly you need to visit the Bharat BillPay website

Select the Bank/Wallet App or the website Click on the Bill Payment section.

Select the category of which you want to pay the bill.

Enter bill details, pay and get instant receipt for your payment.

Which bills can you pay with BHARAT BILLPAY

BHARAT BILLPAY is have 5 approved categories of  Utility Bills that can be paid through Bharat BillPay. You can Pay Power/Electricity, Water bill, Telecom bills like Mobile Postpaid, Broadband and Landline Postpaid bill, DTH-recharge, and Gas-Pipeline bill too.

Why you should consider BHARAT BILLPAY over other traditional channels of payments

BHARAT BILLPAY gives you many options to pay your utility bills that even if you are a conventional doubter of payments online, or are just not sure how to work the online stuff you can access the offline channel of BHARAT BILLPAY like the Kirana store or collection agents or any bank branch. Add this with the ease of payment of basically all your bills, the BHARAT BILLPAY is perfect for anyone and everyone.


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