Bezel-less smartphones: good for bad?

Bezel has been a hot topic for smartphones these days. A year or two ago bezel-less smartphones would have been a peculiar topic. But now they are trending with ground breaking device design’s like Xiaomi’s Mi Mix and Samsung’s Galaxy Edge line up. These days almost all phones boast a bezel-less display with great screen to body ratio.
To begin with a bezel is the space surrounding the screen of a smartphone. The area between its display and the edge.

Note 8 display

One question that needs to be discussed at this point is when would we consider a phone to be bezel-less? Every phone today has bezels. They are just being eliminated to a maximum level. But they are definitely not completely out of the picture. The Essential phone has an 84.9 percent screen to body ratio. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus boasts an 84% screen to display ratio while iPhone X has 82.9% screen to display ratio.

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These smartphones definitely bring a smile on our faces knowing it would provide us with a bigger screen. A phone looks really cool with the bezel-less display. Samsung’s Galaxy S8, which was released in 2017 made a big statement about bezel-less. The screen and glass curved all the around the edges giving it a classy look.

But can the looks conquer what the phone itself would lack in other aspects?

The main drawback of bezel-less smartphones is their protection. We cannot even put a cover on these devices and the devices are sensitive to a fall. As the bezel gets smaller, it gets difficult to hold the device comfortably without touching the screen.

OnePlus 5T

Another problem arises with the components that go behind the bezel. Rather than being screwed, they would have to be glued on to their place which may not be the best option while designing.

Having a phone that’s pure screen from edge to edge, sounds really cool. But at this point the problems that lie ahead of a bezel-less smartphone are too many. Vivo has even tested out a finger print scanner that was in-built in the display itself. So, a completely bezel-less smartphone may come out in the future soon. But the question of it’s actual importance and need definitely remain.

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