Avita liber: Range of designer laptop series by Nexstgo launched in India

Avita is a computer manufacturer brand under Nexstgo. Avita has been present in Countries such as USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Phillipines. Now the company has successfully arrived to the Indian shores. Avita liber is the first offerings from the company in India.

Avita liber

Nexstgo is the same firm which bought the Sony’s vivo division. So, there may be a hint of sony’s vivo series on the laptops. The Avita Liber series in India will have 3 diffrent variants. The devices aren’t just pretty looking portable computer but also brings the top of the line features.


The Avita liber is offering the designer laptops intially in just two screen sizes which being a 13.3-inch variant and a 14-inch variant. Powered by 8th generation intel core i5 processor and an option of Pentium N4200 for a cheaper variant of the laptop.


Laptop offers 4 and 8 GB ram options where the 8Gb Ram is given with i5 chipset. while interms of storage the entire range of laptop comes with SSD, where the Pentium version sports only 256GB ssd and I5 version gets an option between 256/512 GB storage.

Company claims the laptop is to have upto 10 hours of battery life. The aluminum finish chasis is about to be available in around 14 diffrent colour options and 5 diffrent patterns.

The device comes in loads of color offerings and different designs, there are almost 40 different color variants for the Avita laptops.   

Price and Availability

Avita Liber series of laptop is already available online on E retailers such as Flipkart and amazon. The pricing of the laptops is between the range of Rs 27,990 to Rs 83,990. With 27,990 for the 14-inch Intel Pentium variant.

Special discounts are available for the republic day special sales.

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