Asus Vivobook X505 Review

Asus Vivobook X505













  • The design is premium
  • Battery backup is really good


  • The Processor is lacking
  • Display has a lot of flex

The Vivobook X505 is a budget laptop for your basic computing needs. It might look a lot like Vivobook X507 but it’s not a successor, while just meant to co-exist. The X505 is powered by AMD’s Ryzen lineup, while the X507 is powered by Intel. We used the X505 for a few days as our only daily user and comprehend how good or bad the Asus Vivobook X505 is.


The Vivobook X505ZA sports a 15.6-inch Full HD+ display, with Asus claimed Nano Edge display. It has an 81% screen to body ratio, making the laptop smaller than the other laptops of the same size. The sleek and slim design makes the laptop more attractive. The metal frame looks robust, the laptop feels premium.

The Laptop is powered by AMD Ryzen 5 processor paired with 8GB RAM. On the GPU front, Laptop gets a 1GB AMD Radeon Vega graphics card. The laptop comes with Windows 10 pre-installed. For the Audio, ASUS has its own Sonic master and Audio wizard which provides immersive sound experience.

Asus vivobook X505

The laptop weighs 1.6kg, with a battery life of more than 3 times to the capacity and Fast charging capabilities. The laptop has one USB 3.1 port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, One USB type C reversible port, LAN port and HDMI Port.

Look And Build Quality-

Overall look for the laptop is pleasing to look at and the lid is metallic on the top but it doesn’t support anything, the lower half of the laptop is made up of plastic which makes it light and a bit better in managing heat but also very vulnerable to getting damaged easily. The build quality is not the best in feel but considering the price tag its not too bad. The display of has nano edge and the display quality is really good and the colours are vivid but there is a considerable amount of flex in the whole body of the laptop so if you apply a bit of pressure on the display while opening or closing you can see the display get rainbow. Now we come to the keyboard, it’s looking good but the quality is not good for extensive usage or very high pressure I recommend to use to use it lightly otherwise the keys will get dis-functional.


As per the performance, the Asus Vivobook X505 has an AMD Ryzen 5 processor with inbuilt Vega 8 mobile graphic.

I tried to run some regular office software like Ms-office or a python Ide and a java Ide its works out fine. But as I tried to run some low requirement game then it doesn’t do well, for example, CS: Go I only managed 40 frames on low graphics preset and still, there are frame shutters. So according to me this laptop can be used for some lite office/college work and web surfing needs but having a processor like Ryzen 5 and this kind of performance is not expected.


According if anyone is interested to do office work and light load works and have laptop carrying issues then this laptop can do the job as it works fine for low load works and in addition, it’s very lightweight. But anyone who works on heavy technologies or for gaming this laptop is not an option for them.



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