Are we blinded by the social media addiction ?

Human beings are social beings. Today, more than values or relations, we crave for social acceptance.  And what is social acceptance to us? Random people liking our pictures we upload on social media, the comments we post, follow us on Instagram or active tweets on twitter? Social media has changed our thoughts and behaviour. Gone were the days when social media was just a way to connect with friends and family, now it’s a necessity to be just socially accepted.

Social media

Social media has become a terrible addiction. An addiction ruining our time that could be well used for other important purposes. Social networks come, conquer and then are overthrown by newer attractive ones. Orkut, MySpace are some of the networks which have been long forgotten while Facebook is currently dominant. Many teenagers have agreed to be actively using Snapchat more than Facebook, proving that it could be the future king of social media.


Definitely, using social media has its own set of advantages. Connecting with family and friends far away, finding people we have lost connection with, some of the top news is spread via social media and awareness can also be spread through it. But when using social media exceeds this horizon, at that point, social media poses a threat.


I had been an active user of Facebook myself until my exams literally knocked me to ground. It was an eye-opening experience when I realised I spent more than half of my day on Facebook literally just scrolling through it and watching various posts. My eyes would burn and I would completely ignore the fact that I had to study. Late at night, I would just regret the fact of not spending my day more wisely repeating the same the next day. However, a day before my exam when the whole book seems like a foreign language I knew the app had to go.

Social media

Not only had I uninstalled the app but I installed more to make sure I could not access my phone no matter how much I wanted to. I successfully finished all my exams and in return, I am no more addicted to using my phone 24*7. The best part is I have realised how I could use my time in more productive matters.

Everyone knows how damaging it is to use social media excessively. It may cause damage to health, wastage of time, invasion of privacy among many others. But how much are we really ready to overcome this addiction?


If you are one of those who has had the rude awakening about the overuse of social media, then there is no other better day to let go of your obsession than today. Uninstall a few apps, block some more, limit using your phone, set time periods for using social networking sites.

While working sit away from technology, try to control your craving for using your phone. Accept the fact that being active on social media is not social acceptance. Social acceptance is when the people near and dear to you love you and accept you. Give more importance to relations you know than the virtual ones.


We are entering a virtual world that has never been entered before. People find all these social media fascinating, welcoming and a place where they can hide their imperfections. But life is all about celebrating each other’s imperfections. Technology is not going to stop evolving and neither would social media. As one goes two more would come in its place and as their creator, it is our job to control how we use and spend time on these.

Let us realise that time is very precious to us and also that our life does not revolve around social networking sites. Change your addiction from social media to an amiable you. Make people love the real you and not a virtual you!

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