Apple’s New Biometric security for your Smartphone

Smartphone companies have given us way too many options to open our devices. Samsung came out with the Iris scanner, on their newest flagship S8. If the suggested reports are true, Apple could well enable us to use our faces to unlock our devices and perform different gestures to perform different functions on your latest iPhone.


Rumours suggest next iPhone will have 3-D face-scanning tech

A research note from Cowen said that the future iPhone will be equipped with a 3-D scanning tech and would allow for facial/gesture control. KGI analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the next iPhone would have, ” 3-D sensing”.

Bloomberg reported that Apple is testing the Tech

Bloomberg’s sources say the 3-D sensor works without having to be super close to your face. It can supposedly function while laying on a flat surface like a table.

Citing an unnamed source, the report says a new 3-D sensor, currently in “Development” and can scan a face in milliseconds.

The sensor is rumoured having 3-D depth perception — meaning, a 2-D picture can’t fool the system.

Apple testing Eye-scanning tech too

There are reports that Apple is parting ways with the TouchID and all these biometric authentification are the alternative.


Speculation over the future

Apple iphone 8

Speculations suggest physical button will be swapped with the device having an OLED display. KGI suggested iPhone 8 will not have fingerprint scanner integrated into the screen. Because the company has been unable to perfect the tech.


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