The new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are here and there is very less to criticize about!!

After months of waiting , leaks and rumours , apple is officially in the market with  new iPhones are here , they are heading conquer the market, with stunning new feature , design and powered by new chipset , they will give other brands a run for money .

The camera in normal sized iPhone seven has been upgraded with optical image stabilization and a brighter f/1.8 lens that allows fifty % more light than the iPhone 6S’ f/2.2 lens. Apple says the new 12-megapixel sensing element, that has identical resolution as last year’s phone , however the important upgrades were saved for the larger iPhone 7 Plus twin cameras system. the company says the new twin camera permits for true 2x optical zoom while not loss of image quality. one among the lenses is resembling 28mm for wide angle shots (like a regular iPhone camera), whereas the other features a nearer, 60mm equivalent lens. switch between the 2 cameras is seamless within the iPhone seven Plus’ camera app – simply faucet the 1x or 2x button and therefore the camera can switch mechanically. you’ll be able to zoom additional, up to 10x, however on the far side 2x is digital zoom that crops the photograph. Apple has additionally developed a feature that uses each lenses to mimic a shallow depth of field, like what will be accomplished with a bigger DSLR.

The new phones have upgraded displays that are twenty five % brighter, with a wider color gamut for higher color copy and improved color management. each embrace the 3D touch pressure sensitive show that debuted with the 6S line. however it seems that Apple failed to update the image resolution of the displays, that means that this year’s iPhone has a similar range of pixels as 2014’s iPhone six. (The iPhone seven is 720 x 1280 pixels, whereas the iPhone seven and is 1080 x 1920).

Speakers and Earpods

First of all as rumoured apple has ditched the 3.5 mm jack and has thinner frame from the predecessor , but to include things apple has brought stereo speaker to enhance the phone volume and increase the dynamic range of speakers , also apple has brought few earphones choices, brought to connect through lightning connector but as emphasizing upon its wireless initiative apple has brought ear gears with Beats .

the main thing apple has brought air pods , which are wireless earpieces with high sound quality , packed in a box which acts like a case as well as powerbank for the earpieces.

Apple has launched A10 processor that they proclaim as the best from their current line , they claimed it to be forty percent faster than the previous versions, additionally having higher G.P.U performance, additionally it had been told that this processor is extremely well optimized to avoid wasting battery and provides a high potency for a similar, battery life higher than any iPhone up so far.

The new iPhone is made available in many colours but the Piano Black takes it all away the Pricing has been kept similar to that of the prices of iPhone 6 and 6S, which is going to be very beneficial for us and the company, iPhone 7 Plus starts at $769 and the iPhone 7 starts at $649 for 32 GB devices.
Apple has said that iPhone 7 provides you with the fastest LTE with the best worldwide roaming.

iOS 10
Apple has also announced that they will be releasing the latest operating system, the all new iOS 10
is claimed to be redesigned to a point where you won’t even recognize the interface.
The old Swipe to Unlock is gone and is replaced with a simple “Press home to open”.
Notifications on the lock screen are now broken into bubbles and also use 3D touch to show hidden options. The iOS is able to detect water and sends you warning if the software detects water.
And loads more features are added to the new software.

The new iPhone is faster than ever, lighter than ever, has Dual camera hence best camera than iPhone ever had, GPU has way better performances and after all this the battery lasts even longer. The pricing has been done near spot onn. The new iPhones are splash and water resistant. What’s not to like about the new iPhones and we are still drolling over how good does that Piano black finish looks. The new devices by Apple are a class apart.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This phone is the best iphone or even smartphobe in the market , priced right , and surely gonna give other companies run for money

  2. Apple_bouy says:

    That colour #jetblack love (k)

  1. 18th March 2017

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