Apple iPhone 11 leaked surfaced online: Notch remains

It is already the end of July, we are getting closer to Apple’s annual launch event. Apple annually hosts the “keynote” event in the mid of the September. While the rumours, leaks and renders are out always, by July we are able to see What might get launched. A leak has surfaced online which seems very realistic and we believe this may be the iPhone 11. The design not very much worked at still seems very decent. Although the expectations are very high as usual.

iPhone 11

A youtube channel named Concept Creator who’s user create tech concepts and reviews of different products. One of his work was on the leaked iPhone 11 designs from impeccable industry conspirator Steve Hemmerstoffer, aka OnLeaks. Tim Cook says that “Introduction to the Official Design “ of the new iPhone has the finest look one can ever have.

Talking about the main feature of iPhone 11

“The framework of Apple’s iPhone 11 rear cameras can give you goosebumps,” he said, although the phone looked same.
Hemmerstoffer also confirms Apple’s iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max will stick to 5.8 inches and 6.5-inch displays respectively, with the former being fractionally larger than iPhone XS i.e; 143.9mm x 71.4mm x 7.8mm Vs 143.6mm x 70.9mm x 7.7mm. Also, he said, that new iPhone will move from a horizontal to a vertical mute button alike older iPads, it will have a much smaller area for your fingers to push the mute button. The rear microphone has been relocated at the bottom of the camera bump, the lighting port remains and the back panel will be a new and exclusive single piece of glass which will probably make the back glass repair cost even higher and expensive.

iPhone 11 will uphold the design of old iPhone X and iPhone XS for a third generation. It will have somewhere around the same size as the previous generation. Hoping that the transformative cameras will be sufficient to rejuvenate the interest of people in this iPhone which will lack in 5G capability. Apple’s new iPhones will be marginally thicker which means they will have bigger batteries from now onwards. No doubt that the quality of its camera will reach DSLR leaving behind all the good camera android phones in the tech market.Till then waiting for the brand new Apple’s iPhone 11 with its atrocious camera bulge.

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