Apple hold secret talks over giving away 23 million Apple watch to Aetna consumers

Apple collaborating with Aetna insurance for Apple watch

It has been reported by strong sources that Apple Inc. has been holding secrets meeting with health insurer Aetna’s. The company is in talks with the big time insurer’s to give away 23 million Apple watch to Aetna’s customers.

Aetna has already setup an employee perk program where they can get a free Apple watch as part of its corporate wellness program. As reported by CNBC, the talks are all top secret and CNBC claims the sources are ” close to the matter”.

Apple watch

Two faces to the offer

While you might be excited about getting a free watch with your next Insurance. It could have a counter motive for the companies. With tying you up with a fitness tracker on your hand, the company would be easily able to track your fitness and assess your premium with your Biometric measurements.

On the other hand, people faking claims will decrease drastically as companies will easily be able to track your fitness and whereabouts. Lately, many cases have been witnessed where fitness trackers have been used to prove claims. But fit bands being used as a source of the tracker and the fear of being observed by your insurer gives a very insecure and uncomfortable feeling.

Why does it make sense for Apple

Smart watch/ band market has been growing rapidly and all major companies have started to get in on the action. Although Apple is one of the front runners in the space they are not the best in the space. During the recent assessment, Xiaomi is the leader in the Smart wearables sector and Apple is quite a long way back.  With the introduction of this deal, Apple will be strengthening their foot in the market, while massively boosting their hold on the market.


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