Apple to bring 5G capablity iPhones by 2020: iPhone X1S

Apple has always been very particular about the User experience it offers. There was a time were loading new features first was the goal. But now it seems otherwise, Apple is to bring 5G capability which Android phones are offering since January this year. In the 2020 iPhone namely the iPhone X1S and the iPhone X1S max, While the iPhone X1R might not have the 5G capability.

iPhone X1S

Apple is planning a complete shift from LCD panel to OLED with the 2020 smartphone lineup. Noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed

This revelations also sparks the news of R-series either coming to an end or May not be the same pocket-friendly series as it is today.

iPhone X1S

The iPhone X1 leaks are becoming prominent as the launch date is coming close. Among a few top leaks, We expect the iPhone X1 to have a similar notch design is expected but with a more slimmer notch. Some leaks suggested all screen fingerprint to show up. Apple might implement this feature on 2020 phones, All OLED panels might be for the same reason.

With iPhone X1S lineup, The iPhones might implement a bezel-less display finally. While the iPhone X1 lineup is expected to have a triple camera at the back.

Apple-Qualcomm join hands

Apple-Qualcomm conflict has just came to an end.

The 5G-ready 2020 iPhone models will reportedly support both sub-6GHz and mmWave technology. Kuo further mentioned that Apple might bring 5G to all iPhone models starting in 2021, and will have its own 5G modem ready only after 2022. Until then, Apple will rely on components supplied by Qualcomm to add 5G support to the iPhone lineup.

Apple may use Qualcomm’s X50 modems, The same 5G modem is used by the Android phone manufacturers on their current lineup. Rest other details regarding next-generation Apple devices might be clear after the launch of 2019 lineup of the Apple devices.

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