Android Oreo Beta facing issues

While there are many issues with Bluetooth being reported, the biggest source of complaint with Android oreo is its connectivity to Android Auto.
Two days ago Google officially released the new iteration of its operating system, Android Oreo. Ever since the release, Google has slowly been rolling out the OS to Pixel and Nexus devices. Which means, it is finally out of beta, and now being officially released to some users. Also, any issues that users are now experiencing are not in the testing version but in the final one. However, some users who have now moved to the Android 8.0 Oreo are reporting Bluetooth-related issues.

Android Oreo users reportedly facing Bluetooth issues

Android oreo

Spotted by AndroidPolice, users on Google’s Nexus and Pixel forums have been reporting a variety of bugs/errors plaguing Bluetooth connectivity with the new update. Though Bluetooth devices of many types appear to be affected, the biggest source of complaints is being seen in connecting an Android 8.0 device to a car with Android Auto.
“Media content is not properly displaying/not displaying at all on the display of the vehicle. It displayed properly before updating to 8.0,” a user said. “Audio will play but every 20 minutes (approx) there are short skips in the music that lasts for about 1 or 2 seconds,” said another user.
Fortunately, Google is aware of the issue. Both on the Nexus Help and Pixel User forums, community manager Orrin posted a message asking people on Android 8.0 to report any Bluetooth errors/bugs.
Besides the Android Auto-related bugs, people are also reporting audio cutting in and out when listening to music on headphones and speakers. Bluetooth turns off immediately after being toggled on. Incoming calls via Android Auto play through a phone’s speakers rather than the car’s speaker system. Some users said that the audio briefly cuts out every five to 20 seconds. It skips sounds that resemble that a “scratched CD” gives.
Surprisingly, some users say that they have experienced similar issues in the Developer Preview 1 for Android Oreo as well. This is surprising because Google had a long time to fix this bug before Oreo’s official release. There’s currently no word as to when Google will be releasing an update to fix these issues. But looks like the company is working to gather and feedback, so we can expect an update soon.

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