Android Marshmallow cross 2% mark 4 months after launch.

Fragmentation, the dreaded f-word for the android ecosystem.
The android’s update problem is well known and have been voiced so many times
and even after so much efforts by Google and several OEM’s to keep their select
few devices up to date the latest android 6.0 Marshmallow have been able to
capture only 2.3% of the android market share even 4 months of after
At the beginning of March marshmallow was running on around
2.3% of the devices with lollipop and KitKat being on 36.1% and 34.3% devices
respectively. There has been a steep rise in the market share of lollipop and marshmallow
but the presence of Froyo still out there brings out the problem of fragmentation.
Froyo was launched way back in 2010 with its UI from today’s perspective representing
a true “waaaah” moment
in Android’s UI design. We need to discuss the market share of other older
versions like gingerbread and jellybean was they truly depict the problem of
fragmentation in android ecosystem. The following table and pie graph depicts
the wildly popular use of older versions.

These numbers shared by Google itself reflect the very
biggest problem of android: fragmentation considering 22.3% devices running the
outdated jellybean os with even ice cream sandwich and gingerbread being on
2.3% and 2.6% devices respectively.
While taking a peek at Apple’s numbers we found out that
over 77% of the devices run the latest iOS 9 with only 17% running iOS 8 and
rest remaining 6% running outdated os. Of course with Apple having total
control in production, distribution and updating of devices gives Apple an edge
over here but the fact that poor support for older devices in android ecosystem
can’t be hidden. Fragmentation is truly a big problem of android ecosystem.

So do you have an older device running on outdated os? Tell
us how does it work out for you?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thats why i prefer ios over android. No fragmentation issue

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