Altec Lansing MZW300 Bluetooth Headphone Review

Altec Lansing’s headphone offering might not be the headphones you buy to show-off your friends, it doesn’t have metal body design or a sick design which gets us going, But and a huge but put it on and you will know what they are selling you. The sound is phenomenal for its price and the headphones are really light and very comfortable (not many headphones are very comfortable on long usage), and it does what it is meant to be at the full of its potential. Bluetooth pairing is just fine and there is also a 3.5 mm jack if there is no juice left use it the old way.
Altec Lansing Bluetooth headphones


Available in white, red and black colors, the headphone doesn’t look flashy. It is entirely built of plastic. The ear cups are big and oval shaped and cover the entire ear comfortably. The cushioning inside the ear cups is good quality fabric. Despite the big ear cups, the device is quite light and the headband too has great cushioning.
Physical Buttons
Device sports a couple of physical buttons on the left side of the speaker

4 buttons perform multiple duties, Power button when long pressed initiates Bluetooth pairing while a single press during music playback will pause and pressing again plays the music again. Double tapping it anytime will automatically call up the last number dialed by the user.

Altec Lansing Bluetooth headphones


Long pressing the volume up button changes to the next song whereas long pressing the volume down button changes to the previous playing song.
Sound is Good

Powered by 40mm audio drivers, the MZW300 delivers a loud and crisp sound. Even at the highest audio levels, it doesn’t feel too sharp or irritating on ears. The sound doesn’t break at high base music and no part of the sound is lost in transition.

Altec Lansing Bluetooth headphones



The device connects to mostly every possible device which has Bluetooth, we tested it connecting with Android devices, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry, all devices linked and worked perfectly there was no break in voice or loss.

Altec Lansing Bluetooth headphones


–      Sound quality is very good
–      The device is launched at a very competitive pricing
–      Headphones are very comfortable
–      Wireless technology functions without faults
–      Headphones are light and easy to use


  • Noise isolation is not very good at lower volumes
  •  I would have liked if they would have done something new with the design.
  • Light flickering on the side headphones gets really annoying when listening to music in the night.
  • The battery could have been better.


This is a good device for anyone looking for a plain looking headphones with really good sound quality and looking to use their headphones for a long time and comfort tops their list in sub 4k headphones. Build quality could have been a tad better too, could have had a metal design. The competition is strong in the sub 4k headphone market but Altech has done a decent job with the headphone.


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