After Freedom 251 we have a Rs 888 smartphone

We all remember that he freedom 251 which caused quite a storm with its Rs 251 price tag. The phone also came into news when the review devices handed out to media carried a Adcom branding erased by a whitener. However at that movement Adcom denied any involvement it later told released a official statement confirming that they had manufactured the devices for Ringing Bells. The company whose effort to launch the cheapest smartphone failed miserably.

Now we have a another Indian smartphone manufacturer maker called Docoss making a similar attempt. It released a smartphone called Docoss X1 priced at just Rs 888, An effort to manufacture cheapest android smartphone just like the the Ringing Bells. Docoss is a Jaipur, Rajasthan based startup with no background in smartphone manufacturing.

Docoss X1

The most affortable smartphone in India at this date is manufactured by Micromax, known a Micromax Bolt S301 priced at Rs 2150. Just like the Ringing Bells Docoss also thinks that it can dominate the smartphone market with a cheap under Rs 1000 phone.

The phone is available of the company’s official website and is suppossed to be delivered on 2nd May with cash on delivery option. The booking closes on April 29th however we are not able to book the phone on the company’s website due to some technical difficulty. However you can also send a text sms with your details to book the phone.

It is a 4 inch device with IPS display 800×480 pixel display. It weighs 102g abd is 9.3mm thick. It has a back plastic panel with a gold plated metal frame.
It is a 3G Device with dual micro SIM card slots, BLuetooth, WiFi, and a micro USB port as standard. It offers 4GB of internal storage which is less in today’s time but considering the price tag It is acceptable. The also has an micro SD slot upto 32GB and packs a 1300mAh battery.
All of this is coupled with a 1.2Ghz processor and 1GB RAM. however the processor is unknown at this price tag we can accept a Spreadtrum or at max a MediaTek processor.


The phone runs on a 2 year old outdated version of android ie 4.4 KitKat which might not be as bad as it looks as we all know still around 36% of the devices run on the version of android according to official report by Google itself.

With the Freedom 251 disappointment still fresh would you go for the smartphone?
Leave your views in the comment section below .

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  1. Ashish Samantha says:

    Its just a scam like the freedom 251 dont fall for it!!

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