Is 8GB RAM in Oneplus 5 necessary?

The most anticipated low-cost flagship—OnePlus 5 is rumored to come with a whopping 8GB RAM. The phone looks like a cosmetic upgrade from the 6GB on OnePlus 3 and 3T. RAM is undoubtedly becoming a more dependable indicator of a smartphone over CPU specifications. But we can’t ignore the fact that OEMs these days outdo their on-paper specifications. They tend to stand out of the crowd and grab some headlines with these moves.

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Users  love when a phone performs well in all departments. Whether it’s the CPU cores, frequency or the RAM, however it isn’t the need of the hour. Same is the case with the upcoming OnePlus phone. Practically, a good processor paired with 6GB of RAM is more than enough for smartphones to handle almost every task you throw at it. We are looking into what RAM does in a phone and how much do we actually need.

Should OnePlus really invest the 8GB RAM right now, or they should keep it exclusive for its next flagship? Is it a gimmick or it’s something practical?

First of all, we are not against having an 8GB OnePlus in coming time. It just makes us intrigued when we look at phones like Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G8 having a 4GB RAM and still getting the job done.

To recall, many reports surfaced claiming that OnePlus 3 is not actually employing its 6GB of RAM. The same was noticed even after receiving a fix. Can we presume the 8GB phone to make the most out of this crazy amount of RAM?

The memory bandwidth was considered as a hurdle for graphic performance in smartphones a couple of years back. Today, the latest Qualcomm processors have taken away the worry with support for LPDDR4 and LPDDR4X memory.

While such huge amount of RAM seems like an added advantage for most common mobile application, many users are now in demand of more memory in their smartphones. It seems logical when we look at the gaming, AR, and VR picking up a pace and becoming trends, which certainly eat up a lot of memory and affects performance.


Does 8GB RAM do anything better than 6GB?

It is evident that a phone needs more RAM to run the OS effectively. Especially the latest Android demands more RAM. It improves multitasking, opening, and closing of apps and keeps more apps running in the background. But it doesn’t mean that more RAM is always a better performer.

I compared the OnePlus 3T with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge having 4GB RAM, the number of apps that S7 Edge ran in the background were almost the same what OnePlus 3T could do. In its early days, OnePlus 3 had a terrible memory management, which closed down background apps forcefully in order to save battery.

If you are wondering that RAM is like a regular storage, it isn’t. The memory management plays a big role to put the ample amount of RAM into effect. If your tasks are not demanding the extra gigs of RAM from the system, it’ll just sit there and relax

We require this much of RAM?

Who doesn’t like having something more for their money? No-one. If you use an Android phone, you never say no to more RAM coming your way. Looking at the pace at which the smartphones are growing, it’s always better to be future ready. If we take an example of the 6GB RAM, it still sounds more than enough for what we usually do on our smartphones, but it will become a norm in recent future.

Similarly, having 8GB RAM is not something everyone needs right now.  But if you are planning to use your smartphone for a couple of years, then it would be a good choice to have some extra gigs of RAM under the hood. A similar argument was made when the first phone with a 2GB RAM came into the picture. We’ll not be surprised if 6GB RAM becomes a norm in a year or two, so there’s no point of criticism.

Ever wondered how Apple feels so smooth even after having just 2GB of RAM? It is because the software optimization and memory management have a bigger role to play. Android is based on Java programming core, which makes it so RAM hungry. Moreover, most OEMs put their own UI skins on top, which demands its own share of RAM. For example, LG and Samsung phones eat around a GB of RAM sparing the rest for other tasks. On the other hand, OnePlus has close to stock Android, which is not as demanding as many other skins.

At some level, it seems like OEMs decide to beat the competition with more RAM and have something new to boast about. But this is not just to appeal the consumers but also to make the smartphone future-proof.

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After an analysis of both the cases, I would say that 8GB RAM is practically not the need of today’s smartphone users. If the memory management and software optimization are done right, 6GB RAM is still a huge number to break the walls.The most important factors to consider in a RAM is its speed and efficiency. Support for DDR5 RAM is something that actually helps to improve the performance and not the size.

If OnePlus is planning to put 8GB RAM in the next phone, then I’d say the company should keep this update for the next smartphone and come up with improved memory management with a 6GB RAM. We would always suggest you not to make a buying decision based on the amount of RAM, but if you are getting a good phone then something extra won’t hurt. Just keep in mind that a phone with more RAM is not always the best.

Source- Techradar

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