5 reasons why OnePlus 5 is a step in the negative direction

OnePlus have just launched their newest flagship OnePlus 5 globally. The phone was hyped for almost over a month and then a tweet by Carl pei started the rumours when he tweeted a picture of the device, which made the device resemble heavily with the iPhone 7 Plus. Even though the device is powered by the best hardware in the market it still isn’t the market breaking device we expect from OnePlus year in year out.

Oneplus 5

Oneplus 5

Here are 5 reasons OnePlus 5 is the not the device we hoped for,

1) OnePlus losing the Aura of why we loved it

Undoubtedly the phones that Oneplus have produced in the past have had their lows but mostly we only had highs. Not the lovely looking spec sheets that made them who they are.

I truly believe OnePlus is very different from every other smartphone company there is and that this little company played a huge part in the change we have seen in the Smartphone world.

But with time OnePlus have actually lost the Aura of a Flagship killer. With the increase in demand, the price of the Oneplus devices has increased making them more of a Flagship producer than their killers.

2) A shadow in a mass of Smartphones

Oneplus 5

Even though the Oneplus 5 is an absolute powerhouse with the Snapdragon 835. The device has 1080p display, which is lacking behind other flagship models with a screen of 1440p display. No bezel-less display or anything new on the device. OnePlus CEO said in the official world launch, ” Other companies are trying to sell useless and pointless innovations to the consumer that are not needed”, we can’t agree more with the statement but at least,

Make the device Waterproof, that’s not a lot to ask, is it?

3) Lack of R&D holding them back

We can all agree that to be a small company in a market with huge manufacturers is a tough battle, but that is also the reason Oneplus has a huge fan following, Oneplus is basically a people’s company but with their lack of investments in R&D and innovation could soon be the factor that hurt them the most. With the increasing market and consumers, Oneplus need to start doing something different to remain relevant.

4) Camera is nowhere near the level of iPhone 7 Plus

Although Oneplus 5 have a better camera than it has had ever before with the Dual Camera Lens with a 16 MP + 20 MP lens at the back. The camera will surely improve with time and when the updates are released we will see a huge improvement in the camera but right off the bat, the camera is average (at this stage) which is unacceptable for a flagship device. The camera design and the system have failed for the OnePlus 5.

5) After sales services need to be expanded with the increasing user base

After sales from the Oneplus have always been a little too much hassle. It’s very clear that the after sales service of the Oneplus needs revamping and expanding drastically.

Oneplus needs to remain a people’s company while expanding and innovating. This may seem impossible but I really hope OnePlus pull it off.

OnePlus’s Motto still might remain same, SPECS+SPEED but the Price is the only thing that has changed.

OnePlus needed to be the BEST when it was dead Average.





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