Fifa 18: 2 Ronaldo in 1 game for the first time ever


E3 have always been a major event for new game launches. This year has been no exceptions with world’s biggest developers launching their biggest franchises.

Fifa 18


Notably, EA  have announced Cristiano Ronaldo as their feature star for the first time ever. But that is not all they have done with the brand new game running on the FrostBite Engine,

Many Areas have been improved to be near reality


Improved Motion Technology

Fifa 18
This allows the game developers to capture the movement of the player more precisely than ever.
Modulation of pace become easier and simple using the left stick. You can make movements easier and more natural, and regular movements now are more immediate and quick according to the player attributes and no animation delays then the previous versions of the series. The touch on the ball is true to the player being used and is said to feel realistic.

The touch on the ball is true to the player being used and is said to feel realistic. Now the motions are fantastically mobile during dribbling and horrible lucid during defending. Everything from the movement to the animation is sharper and smoother.


The Journey: Return of Hunter

Fifa 18

The dramatic road to glory journey of Alex Hunter makes a comeback in the game. Extending it further than the old story about winning the F.A Cup. EA has said the story line for this year, the decisions for this year of “Return of Hunter” storyline are much deeper. Most of the Game Physics are very similar to the last year’s game yet you can customise how Alex Hunter should look. Ronaldo is heavily involved in the Journey of Hunter with Marco Reus( last year’s cover star ) also making an appearance in the plot.


The surrounding and The Atmosphere

Fifa 18
This year, the difference between the atmosphere of different countries and different Stadiums have been focused upon. They are more like in the real world like in BvB stadium cloud would be loud rather than in a championship team.
Now the crowd look like a group of people not like the painted cardboard pieces in previous versions.
Chants are more themed towards the playing teams, there is the addition of famous chants and the crowd is much more alive and active in FIFA 18.


Introduction of Live Substitutions

Now you won’t have to use your 3 available pauses to make your substitutions, FIFA 18 will have the ability to make a change in your lineup in-game, while playing and not make the game stop in crucial moments for your opponents to bring on a sweaty player.

Improved Servers

Servers have always been the biggest issue in the FIFA franchise, EA has claimed that this year they have set in place a dedicated team to work on the servers, and also there is a new setup where if you get disconnected during a match, the server will try to reconnect rather than giving a premature result.

Scrapping of LEGENDS

Legends have been scrapped for the FIFA 18 and there has been the introduction of “Icons”. Icons will be made available on all the available platforms with new huge additions to the ICON players.

Fifa 18

Only a few huge names have been announced as Icons before the launch but a huge list of footballing legends have been rumoured to be in Fifa 18, some of the rumoured might be David Beckham, Steven Gerrard and many more legends.



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