It’s a tiresome task for web developers to design a schema for the database. When you are done with the design and keys, then our design team comes up with upgradations and BOOM our schema is dead.

I’ll give you a solution to this and which is extremely simple.



MongoDB is a cross-platform, document oriented database that provides, high performance, high availability, and easy scalability. MongoDB works on the concept of collection and document. Now what I mean with schema less design and why I prefer this software over MySQL has been explained further:

1.Highly flexible

Jake Porway, a New York Times data scientist, in his talk stated that MongoDB is,”Awesome for flexible research and development.” Porway works for the news organisation’s research and development group, which looks at ways in which digital technology can enhance the presentation of news.

A key value model without a schema is definitely a relief.

2.Benefits of Collections and Documentation

A document mode provides us with various advantages, making it highly efficient. The same goes for making collections. These tech upgrades make every web developer live in peace.

3.Scalable: ability to hold millions of query

When it comes to scaling up, MySQL hangs and hangs, we can’t even perform a select query with 1 million entries in a MySQL database. However, MongoDB on the other hand scan scales up to millions of entries pretty fast.

4. A new requirement? MongoDB can absorb it all!

MongoDB has the key and value just like there are user defined tags in an XML document so whatever the requirement is MongoDB will fit it.

5.Mapping MySQL utilities to MongoDB

A table of MySQL can be mapped to a collection of MongoDB which makes it user-friendly and open to modifications.

Database Database
Table Collection
Tuple/Row Document
column Field

Runs in a docker efficiently and it is easy to use a docker in the platform which is the most user-friendly and container based tool. To install MongoDB on Docker, run the command on your terminal: “ docker pull mongo “ and the MongoDB is installed.

I have written my own MongoDB crud on java:

My Code

Want a detailed article on the MongoDB? Click here.

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